October 14, 2012

The Underwood 5 is Back in Business

( From my Underwood 5, circa 1911)

For it's first time actually being used (since I first received the machine) it did a pretty good job- minus the bottom halves of the 'n's. If anyone has ideas on how that can be improved I would love to hear them.

I also thought I would add a photo of the ribbon that was found at Staples if anyone is interested. It's just a universal spool and was less than $10- much easier to go grab one of these than having to order online and pay for shipping.


  1. Welcome to the Typosphere, Natalia!

    Oh yes, Staples is my friend when it comes to ribbons. I can find one for about 90% of my machines there.

    Looks like your Underwood has a bit of an alignment problem. My Oliver 3 does the same thing. I find it charming though!

    Looking forward to seeing how your blog will grow and flourish! Salut!

  2. Good to find your blog!

    That "n" gives the Underwood's typing character. I suspect the typeslug is out of place and fixing this might require some professional re-soldering work. Or you can just enjoy the character of this character!

  3. Just a note to say welcome to the Typosphere, Natalia! Keep the posts coming.